The Chiefs Actually Stood For The National Anthem On Opening Night

The Chiefs Actually Stood For The National Anthem On Opening Night
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The NFL Season kicked off with a bang on Thursday night, at the famous Arrowhead Stadium. It was quite a carousing show before the games started. The first rival was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans. The Chiefs stepped out and stood on the sidelines. However, the Houston Texans chose to hang in and stay put in their locker rooms.

It was not the only time that the Texans failed to show up. They remained put while Alicia Keys was all set to perform “Lift Every Voice And Sing”, the notable and popular “Black Anthem”. The Vice President of the Houston Texans, Jack Easterby, did make a statement, explaining the decision of the team to remain within their locker rooms. “As a team, the Texan really didn’t want to stand along the sidelines and celebrate a song. It would clearly imply that the team was in approval of and publicly showcasing disapproval of others.”

Jack told NBC that the team called the shots to prove their point. They will not stand by and discriminate between the Blacks and the Whites. The Texans would rather take pleasure in announcing a change or a reformation that focused on unity.

There was not a single game hosted at the NFL where the Black Anthem was not performed or played before the games began.

Once both the anthems were sung, the Chiefs headed straight to their locker rooms. Around 16,000 fans booed while the Chiefs made their exit.

Shortly after, both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans stepped out and lined up with their arms interlinked. It was a show to send off a strong social message — unity. There is a pressing need for social justice. While the players stood on the field with their heads held high, the giant scoreboard was blowing up with messages like “End Racism,” and a few others.

Coach Bill O’Brien from team Texans clearly stated that both teams jumped to the idea of standing with their arms locked. The statement was made after the Kansas City Chiefs won the game and beat the Texans at 34-20. Not quite sure why the public would boo, considering the team played a great part in showcasing good gesture.

Andy Reid, the Chief’s coach seconded the statement made by O’Brien and said the booing and other nonsense was uncalled for. He went on to say that it was great for both teams to come and show a united front in the middle of the grounds. It was a lesson that we could all learn from, and a gesture to show that all communities need to come together and stand as one. This is the only way to save the nation from anarchy.

Players of Houston Texans came out in public and made a few remarks, outlining why the team chose to stay off of the fieldwhile the anthems were being played. It simply appeared divisive and none of the team members were okay portraying a picture that would drive even more anger within our Country.

J. J. Watt, playing for the defensive end of the Texans, remarked, “What sense does any of the booing make? There were no flags hoisted, no symbols encouraged. Two good teams decided to show a united front. It is nothing but a praiseworthy gesture.”

Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Chiefs, stated, “Everyone must know that we are just standing our ground. Doesn’t matter how players of the other team think of expressing themselves when the songs are played. Go ahead and speak your heart. Do what you think is right. This brother will always have your back.”

The match was the very first in the US amid the crucial pandemic. Only 22% of stadium capacity was permitted. There were as many as 16,000 fans seated in three decks to keep up with the norms of distancing.

The field showcased messages on display in every end zone. They were all social messages. “End Racism,” “We bear the brunt,” and a few others.

Players of the Chiefs like Tyrann Mathieu and Patric Mahomes stepped out into the field two hours prior to the beginning of the match for warm-ups. They had worn a red t-shirt with the caption “VOTE”. It is the Chief’s logo.

The team also brought a gigantic Lombardi trophy out on the field while the pre-game ceremony was in full swing. The banner for the Super Bowl LIV Championship was unveiled to kick-off the carousing as well.