NFL Team Stays In Locker Room For Black National Anthem

NFL Team Stays In Locker Room For Black National Anthem
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The NFL Season finally took off on Thursday. However, the season is certainly going to be pretty stormy. The NFL season was off to a great start after the Kansas City Chiefs trounced and beat the team of Houston Texas.

To celebrate the victory of the Kansas City team, “Star-Spangled Banner” was played aloud. What took the audience by surprise was watching the Chiefs, the Superbowl Champions, standing and paying tribute to the blaringly loud anthem. Showing support to the Kansas City Chiefs was a big deal. The opponent though, the Houston Texans, chose to stay shut in their locker rooms.

Commissioner Roger Goodell paired up with the league and made a big scene out of it. To show off his sense of righteousness, he demanded to play an alternate anthem and cherish the moment. “Lift Every Voice And Sing” was played, and if you haven’t heard it before, it is widely popular as the national anthem for the “Blacks”.

Was this a good idea? Well, definitely a big “No.” It is already whipping up discord among the players. The scene on Thursday was no different.

Roger is apparently leaving no stones unturned to please and prove a point to the audience. Unfortunately, they can never be satisfied. What’s popping up as a major problem and consequence is that it is a huge failure. The trick has gone wrong for one team in particular, the Miami Dolphins. The players of the Miami Dolphins refused to come out to the field while the anthems were in full swing. Why on earth would there be two anthems played together?

Moments before the season’s opener kick-started on Thursday, the Dolphins wasted no time and released a video. To put it in simple words, Goodell is certainly going to have a hard time dealing with the consequences of the video. The video went viral. Pandora’s box was opened by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

A player for the Dolphins stated, “Let’s assume that if my dad was serving the country as a soldier. And, my dear little brother was shot point-blank by the cops, what am I really supposed to stand for? In fact, do I stand or kneel? It is quite a pickle to be in.”

Another player remarked, “It is a sport. We are not here to do any kind of monkey business. Singing, dancing, carousing, it’s better we skip that and cross it off our checklist as a team. It is only good that we stay put, inside our locker rooms. Also, the attempt to make all teams appear coerced to be unified. The real scene is quite the opposite. It’s creating more riffs and division.”

The Miami Dolphins decided to stay put while two anthems were playing in the midst of the 2020 NFL Season Opener. One was the “Star-Spangled Banner”, and the other one playing was “Lift Every Voice And Sing”. Maybe it is Goodell’s way of addressing the current problems of racial injustice and social discrimination. However, these gestures were nothing but divisive.

The problems are real and definitely not small. Social injustice, police brutality, racial discrimination, and other serious issues are involved. It is the country that’s burning with anarchy. Roger should have more tricks up his sleeve to pull off the idea of addressing these problems. Playing the ‘Black National Anthem’ is discrimination too. Simply painting the end zones with words like “End Racism” does not help society.

NFL league appears like a dog and pony show instead. “We are not here to march for some limelight and gather publicity,” remarked Bobby McCain. Ted Karras clearly stated that they are comfortable sitting inside the locker rooms.

“Even the funds are questionable,” remarked Byron Jones.

The array of games, set to roll out on Sunday, is going to be quite an unprecedented show. Videos of the “Black Anthem” being played on the NFL platform has seen a crazy hype. Will the other teams choose the same and stay inside the locker room? It was quite a ghastly humiliation for the commissioner. It is only a matter of time before we all witness what will happen on Sunday.

Now it is known that the NFL has millions of fans who are cold-hearted racists. Playing the “Black Anthem” will make them feel estranged. This isn’t ideal, since it does nothing but drive a wedge between the teams and the audience.