Mitt Romney Slams Nancy Pelosi

Mitt Romney Slams Nancy Pelosi
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

Mitt Romney, a Utah Republican Senator, made a laughing stock out of Nancy Pelosi over her salon visit reported recently.

Senator Romney posted his haircut photo on Twitter with the caption, “Getting cleaned up for resumption of the Senate.” He further added, “Better salon than Pelosi’s!”

The lawmakers prepare to resume office after their August recess.

The senator is seen grinning in the photo, while his wife, Ann Romney, cuts his hair in their home. He took the perfect moment to jab Pelosi in her recent stint at a hair salon amid the local restrictions due to the pandemic.

Pelosi has been widely ridiculed since visiting a salon in San Francisco for getting her hair done. She was labeled a hypocrite for not following the local regulations prohibiting indoor services.

Surveillance footage shows Pelosi entering the salon without a face mask on – a basic personal protection from the coronavirus.

The House Speaker claimed the whole thing was a set-up when asked about the leaked footage. According to her, she was told that the salon could accommodate one person at a time.

Pelosi said in a conference that she takes “full responsibility” for falling from the set-up. She later demanded an apology from the small business owner.

San Francisco salons have been closed since the hard-hit of the pandemic and have just recently been allowed to re-open but only on outdoor services.

Erika Kious, the salon owner, disputed Pelosi’s claim stating that the security camera has been installed for five years. She said she only knew of the booked appointment after receiving a text message from her stylist, so there is no way she could have authorized it.

Kious explained that some stylists work independently for her. The stylists rent her chairs in the salon, which she has no control over. The same stylist who did Pelosi’s hair opened the salon to accommodate the House Speaker.

The salon owner clearly is a victim of the speaker’s bullying after the latter’s stunt backfired and received massive backlash. She said that she had been beaten down and helpless for so long.

The act infuriated Kious, and other hair salon owners, who had been stressed and struggling through the pandemic. They have been told to shut down, but hers was re-opened to cater to a powerful speaker’s whim.

Other enraged citizens mobbed to Pelosi’s home, condemning her contradiction to local mandates. A video caught the protester’s feat of hanging hair dryers, curlers, and an American flag on a tree outside the House Speaker’s home.

The House Speaker indeed learned her lesson in a hard and shameful way.