Early NFL Ratings Are In And They Look Terrible

Early NFL Ratings Are In And They Look Terrible
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The tanked NFL season opener dropped a 10-year low rating on Thursday and still about to get uglier.

The initial rating for the opening night of NFL 2020 fell 16.1 percent versus the previous year’s televised opener. This year’s opener is said to be the lowest in a decade.

Previously the outlet of most Americans outside work, the NFL flopped when the viewers realized there’s no escaping politics due to the shows’ social justice wokeness.’ The house tries so hard to appease the Black Lives Matter movement, mixing the sports with politics, but failed to consider how their loyal fans would react.

The early shows already face ungiving support with television ratings plunging despite the game between the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texas.

Outkick.com reported some of the reasons why the previously loved game’s season opener flopped.

  1. The show was too political as they try to play a Black anthem before the Star-Spangled Banner. Some of the players also wear apparel printed with the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

2. Packers and Rodgers are still bigger draws than KC/Mahomes.

3. The show was less hyped than in previous years, etc.

The NFL learned to be subtle on their “wokeness” but terribly failed when the fans heard the chatters. Most of the 17,000 audiences in the stadium even booed when the two teams started to link arms for the call of social justice pre-game. American viewers might have seen this coming, thus opted to skip watching the opening.


Nonetheless, the Super Bowl champs, Kansas City Chiefs, overthrew Houston Texans 34-20. Early primetime NBC game hit 5.2 million in ages 18-49, and 16.4 million viewers between 8-11 PM ET, still down from last year.

Such an awful rating is bad for business, as the game drops to 16.1 percent, losing millions of advertisement views compared to September 5, 2019 spectacle.

NBC is still hopeful the ratings would bounce back but would unlikely be true since even the opener showcasing the best players, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, couldn’t pull in the fanatics.

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” also called the “Black National Anthem” received loud booing from fans in the stadium when played pre-game. “Star-Spangled Banner” played second to the controversial song.

Painted “END RACISM” slogans in the end zones can also be seen. Players are even wearing apparel with Floyd and Taylor’s names, which the BLM use as fronts.

The owners might have thought the gestures appealing but actually gained criticisms from the avid fans. The Thursday game serves as a wake-up call and is far from success.

The NFL created a divide between players who are pro and anti the so-called “social justice wokeness.” Some of the teams, such as the Texans, refused to join the drama as they stayed in their locker rooms during the Black National Anthem rendition. The Miami Dolphins also released a statement saying they would do the same on Sunday’s opener match against the New England Patriots.

Evidence shows that viewers most likely to boycott when sports are mixed with politics.

Viewers’ escape of the toxic protests and the dirty election is through sports, now robbed when they realized there is actually no way of escaping it.

NBC and NFL need to choose, Woke or Broke?