Backfire: BLM Activists Try to Mock ‘Never Forget’ September 11

Backfire: BLM Activists Try to Mock 'Never Forget' September 11
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Historic tribute to the horrific September 11, 2001 terror attack, “Never Forget 9/11,” mocked by the Black Lives Matter members. BLM taunted the 19th anniversary of the horror, which stunned all races worldwide almost two decades ago.

The activists took to Twitter their mockery of netizens who tweeted “All Lives Matter” and “Never Forget 9/11.” They responded with the hashtag “#AllBuildingsMatter” which started after stand-up comedian Wale Gates tweeted a segment of Michael Che’s 2016 Saturday Night Live.

All Buildings Matter Parody

Michael Che expressed his disappointments thru the show, where he relayed the comparison between the Black Americans’ overdue struggles versus the nation’s suffering during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

Che used the hashtag “#AllBuildingsMatter” to counter those who claim America should “Never Forget 9/11.” He also used the said hashtag to mock the Americans posting “All Lives Matter” in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the show, Che asked why do all Blacks need to get over quickly after being victimized. He mentioned slavery, segregation, and police shootings as some of the Blacks’ common historic racism struggles. His stint geared towards the notion that the Blacks are always treated lesser, whereas the September 11 bombing marked the “Never Forget” tribute.

The Black Wall Street Massacre

In addition, the Black Lives Matter advocates used “#AllBuildingsMatter” to bring attention to the Black Wall Street Massacre in 1921, also known as the Tulsa Race Massacre.

The incident was prompted when a Black shoeshiner, Dick Rowland, was suspected of assaulting a White elevator operator, Sarah Page. A group of 75 Black men, some are armed, went to the precinct when they heard rumors that Rowland is to be hanged without due process by a mob of White men, but persuaded by the sheriff that everything is under control.

As the Black men were leaving the precinct, a White man tried to disarm one of them, and then according to the sheriff’s reports, “all hell broke loose.” Unrest and mob violence sparked, prompting the Whites to rampage the Black neighborhood in Greenwood District, also known as the Black Wall Street.

Thousands of Blacks were left homeless, with property damages amounting to an equivalent of $35.25M in 2019.

Now almost a century ago, the exact number of casualties is still yet to be known.

All Buildings Matter Irony

While it’s undebatable to commemorate the Black Street Massacre, it is an entirely different story to the September 11 bombing. The two horrific incidents are incomparable and interchangeable in magnitude and nature.

The massacre occurred in an era when racism is still rampant, and a Progressive Democrat President pushed segregation of the workforce.

September 11 bombing, on the other hand, was an attack by an outside force on US soil organized by Al Qaeda, a radical Islamic terrorist group. Chaos ensued after two airplanes smashed into the Twin Towers of the then World Trade Center. Another plane rammed into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. An aircraft was also suspected of having been headed to the White House.

The historic bombing claimed and ruined thousands of lives, White and Black alike.

Ironic is when the Antifa and Black Lives Matter ransack, burn, and destroy an estimated 700 buildings in Minneapolis, yet call for the hashtag “#AllBuildingsMatter.” The undesirable group damaged properties in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kenosha, and New York. Kenosha took much of the burden as lootings became rampant in at least 56 businesses with roughly $50 million property damage.

US House candidate, Buzz Patterson, tweeted asking if the thousands of properties the BLM has looted and burned down are what they have been posting as “All Buildings Matter.”

Another Christian commentator and PJ Media contributor, Carmine Sabia, tweeted that it is hilarious that the “All Buildings Matter” is being tweeted by the same people destroying the buildings daily.

While “All Buildings Matter” holds true for the Tulsa Massacre and September 11, it is also applicable to all the buildings, properties, businesses, federal courthouses, and police stations that the Antifa anarchists and BLM supporters have damaged and ransacked in the seemingly never-ending unrest.