Home Politics Mike Pence’s Daughter Fires Off at Abortion Crowd: ‘Pro-Life Is Pro-Women’

Mike Pence’s Daughter Fires Off at Abortion Crowd: ‘Pro-Life Is Pro-Women’

Mike Pence's Daughter Fires Off at Abortion Crowd: 'Pro-Life Is Pro-Women'


The daughter of Vice President Mike Pence says America’s real pro-women movement supports life, not abortion.

“The pro-choice movement is not pro-woman, I think it’s ultimately sending a message of defeat, I think that it’s giving women a choice, but really they’re not given a choice, they’re told the right thing to do,” Charlotte Pence Bond, 26, told The Daily Caller in an interview Friday.

Bond said supporting abortion has become a liberal societal dictate from which women must break free.

“Our society isn’t telling women that they have to, you know, stay in the kitchen anymore, but they still are being told how to enter society or how to enter the workplace,” she said.

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She said the pro-abortion movement “does a disservice to women” who “choose to be a single mother or to give a child up for adoption.”

“The pro-life movement, on the other hand, as we’re seeing at the march today, their theme this year is that pro-life is pro-women, because it is,” Bond said.

The pro-life movement can be a place where “we encourage women, we don’t shame them, we help them, we support them, we point them in the right directions to make a decision that’s going to ultimately be better for them,” she added.

The pro-abortion movement is “filled with a lot of people who are in pain,” Bond said.

Do you agree with Charlotte Pence Bond that to be pro-life is to be pro-women?

She called President Donald Trump’s appearance at Friday’s March for Life “a huge statement, and it means a lot to the pro-life movement, and it means a lot to people all over the country.”

“President Trump went out of his way to get here and to show his support and I’m really inspired by that,” she said.

Bond has said faith and science together show that the pro-life philosophy is the only sound approach when considering when life begins.

“My reasons are founded in my faith, they’re grounded in the fact that I was taught the value of human life. But they’re also backed up by other things. They’re backed up by science,” she said at Thursday’s March for Life youth rally, according to The Christian Post. “Science continues to prove that life begins earlier and earlier than previously thought.”

And she encouraged young people to delve into the roots of their pro-life beliefs.

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“Why do you believe what you believe?” Bond said. “Why do you have that feeling in your gut that there’s something just not right about the pro-choice arguments?”

She added that supporting life is not popular.

“You know that you’re not the in-crowd. You’re not reflected in the mainstream media and you’re not popular all the time, but that’s OK because anyone who made a difference in the history of the world wasn’t really popular at the time,” Bond said.

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