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John Kerry Sides with Iran over Trump



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John Kerry Sides with Iran over Trump – Praises Regime for being Restrained and Reserved After Attacks on US Embassy and Rocket Attacks on US Bases (VIDEO)

So far this year the Iranian regime attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad and then fired over a dozen missiles at two US bases in Iraq from Iran.
Then they blew up an Ukrainian jetliner.

Rather than escalating the US military attacks on the rogue regime President Trump announced new sanctions and a warning to the Iranian mullahs.

But Democrats no longer make decisions or view events based on reality.

On Monday former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry praised the disciplined and restrained Iranian regime for their actions this month.

John Kerry told Chris Matthews.

John Kerry: It’s a sad day when the United States of a America has to rely on the decision of a regime that we neither like nor trust to have them be the ones who behave, somehow, in a way that somehow saves Donald Trump from his own decision.

Laura Ingraham went off on Kerry later tonight on her show.

Laura Ingraham: Just so everyone understands what he just said, John Kerry, former Secretary of State just said that Iran deserves credit for being restrained and reserved after that attempted attack on our embassy, after everything they’ve done to kill American soldiers with IEDs, the terrorism throughout the Gulf region, our former Secretary of State just siding with Iran!

And what happened to his face?

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