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An Accusation against Joe Biden


Biden, who has said that women who come forward with accusations of sexual assault should be presumed to be telling the truth, has now been accused of sexual assault himself.

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  1. The woman who is doing the accusing must be believed. The “me too” movement and all the democrats said the accuser must be believed over and over during the kavanagh confirmation. Clearly she must be believed now.

    Democrats are still saying they need to take kavanagh out of the supreme court becuase of the accusations. Several even call him a rapist to date. Give all that the woman accusing Joe Biden must be believed and joe biden adds rapist to his list of attributes.

    So it is: joe the senile. Pedophile, rapist, mean, briberous, Influence peddling, attacking voters, Biden.

    You sure know how to pick a candidate you dumb schiff liberals/democrats.

  2. I think Joe the rapist pedophile senile biden who tries to beat up voters and bribe other countries with tax payer money works too.

    Liberals have become morons

  3. Dear sir,
    It is far better to be thought a “dam fool” than to open one’s foul, polluted mouth by defaming the honorable Joseph Biden, and remove all doubt.

    Sir, I’m sure that if one takes a deep, probing look into your soul, I’m sure that all can agree that you are seriously in need of an enema.

    Kommon Sense

  4. What a joke!! Trump and his voters are scared so they are making up things about Joe, what will they think of next?? I call it desparate people scared of Joe… he has more moral and common decency and sense then anyone that is a Trump voter or Trump himself. This has gotten too funny now😂😂😂

  5. I am not a Republican or Democrat. The democratic party has 0 no one that can beat Trump! The democratic party is the ones who are always slandering their opponents. You need to wake up and smell the roses. Biden is unfit to be president mentally, morally, and physically. AMEN

  6. Hey Cherie sweetheart, why would Trump and us Trump voters be afraid, afraid of what?
    It’s the Liberals that make up things, lying out of both sides of their mouth. Scared of Sleepy Joe? You are kidding, are you? Joe is a loser and a snake in the grass. Always has and always will be.
    What did Joe ever do for this Country except fill his pockets? Get real and smell the roses.

  7. Eat your own words now crazy Joe. No sense in having a Trial because She has accused you so you ARE Guilty. Remember ALL of your liberal followers including the LGBTQ totally agreed with your statement. They should be calling for your removal of being a Presidential Candidate unless they want to be classified as being total Hypocrites.

  8. There are people in my family that defend trump. We raised them right but his brainwashing worked. He lies and then the next day he lies about the same subject. His vision is clouded by his adherence to the market that has now deserted him. We will all live to regret. He is accused of being P T Barnum . That is an injustice to Trump. He is the “Music Man” where are the 76 Trombones Mr Music Man.


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