WOW: Biden’s Jobs Numbers are So Bad CNBC Thought it was a Typo…

Biden's Jobs Numbers are So Bad CNBC Thought it was a Typo...

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– Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reports, Joe Biden’s most recent job’s report was so bad that left-wing CNBC thought it was a typo. I guess they are used to President Donald Trump’s stellar numbers!

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Why would anybody want to get back to work when they’re making more money sitting on their ass.

I am handicapped and cant work due to being shot in the head but I live in Central Illinois where we are not locked down and the majority of our Businesses are still open because we stopped listening to Treasonous DemoRats

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Our whole country’s numbers are bad thanks to bitme.


And the numbers will remain that way as long as the Democrats are in charge. Have you noticed all across the country that every state with a Democrat in control is doing worse than the Republican ran states. Wake up voters and quit voting for these morons.

John J

America needs Donald J. Trump, NOW!