Will Minneapolis Survive the George Floyd Trial?

Will Minneapolis Survive the George Floyd Trial?

BlazeTV – With the George Floyd murder trial currently in progress, Pat and Stu discuss the likelihood of former police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction. But even if he is convicted, will there STILL be riots? Either way, the odds of the mainstream media obsessing over the likely destruction as it has over the January 6th Capitol riot are very low

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Arrest all the people that made that settlement. Send a bill to the junkies family for overdose. Hospital bills and damages to their city.

The guy who sat at Pelosi’s desk is in prison I wonder how many Antifa rioters will get arrested Probably 0

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Who cares. They settled with the family for millions. Wheres my white privilege?


you have the right to a mask to wear; cuz we do not want to hear you? you have the privilege of being associated with the white-privileged-supremacists that went to the capital to visit their congressman? and it is ok if the blacks burn down portland, Ferguson, and git $$$ for nothing?! so the labials paid their way out of this, and you will take a family of diseased black/muzzies at the border into your home. GOD BLESS TEXAS! support your governor! we here in NYS, hate gov queermo and the woman will make him resign.


California survives Rodney king, and he was as bad or worse than Floyd?! so? as labial as is minny-squoto they will talk themselves out of this black- thig. or in this case $$$ THEIR WAY PUT OF THIS; TRUE DEMOKRAQ”S! throw sum one elses $$$ at the problem?! this is not new; NYS and the gov queermo is the top labial/queer and is doing the same thing.

Gerald S Ladd

The worthless asshole got more money then he’d ever be worth alive.

Briben biden

Who cares. George floyd was a worth piece of trash drug addict who should have been recycled through a wood chipper 40 years ago.

Further the blm organization is a lie who leaders should all be in prison for tge murder of the 20 cops their organization has killed.

If we’re are going to give out mlions for dying from illegal drug overdoses I will make you a list and you can pay me their benefits.

Frank Norton

The police officer involved in arresting George Floyd should be given a metal for valor . We all saw Floyd take a overdose of the white power Fental exiting the car and his lungs were collapsing and would have died before he got home . The deaths from this drug are dying all across the country . To award his family some 73 million dollars is an affront to the American people !!’n