Who Does Biden Think He’s Fooling?

Who Does Biden Think He's Fooling?

Newsmax TV – Virtue signal Joe does it again, Rob Schmitt blasts President Joe Biden for scoring the points with the Left’s progressive wing and forgetting America in the process – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight.’

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So the United States tried to get China to adopt democracy but instead the US adopts communism

Glad you caught that “we the people are the government”

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America is being invaded by land and sea. Where are the warriors to protect our borders? Democrat Socialist,Marxist Communists are the welcoming committee with money and free everything spilling out of the welcome Wagon. Along with all that free stuff goes the end of liberty and the constitution, buried with our history and forgotten pledges of freedom for a thousand years. Rome couldn’t do it neither, apparently, can we. .

Stacy Dougherty

Rome wasn’t build on Faith like the US.. Keep fighting the Good fight of FAITH