What is Happening? Pope Francis Enrages Catholics…

What is Happening? Pope Francis Enrages Catholics...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – “This is a pastoral issue” – Catholic outcry over Pope Francis reversing Pope Benedict’s decision on traditional Latin mass and more from Father Frank Pavone on Newsmax.

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What is going on here,seems like everyone wants to be a dictator.

The only people this guy doesn’t enrage are secularists, liberals, leftists, atheists, and Non-Christians. So, what does THAT say?

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Who does this pope think he is? He is driving people away, with his left=wing idiology, and craziness, the guys pathetic, and needs to knock down his walls, and let the illegals in, like he tells everyone else to do.


This is going to send people to the SSPX.


This Pope is a major disappointment in my opinion. He behaves more like Far Left politician than a Pope. With some of opinions that go against Catholic and Biblical Doctrine it is outrageous that he got named Pope.
As for the Latin Mass, it should not be Mandatory that it is said in Latin. Alienate the vast majority in the name “Inclusivity” is not a Religious Tenet, it is a Political point. In South Florida most masses are said in English. And most People attend these masses. Including all nationalities. However, most Parishes do have at least one Sunday Mass said in Latin AND there are Parishes that say Every Mass in Latin based on the Nationality make up of the Individual Parish.
It seems to work very well and it did require interference from the Vatican.
Looks like this Pope is a Solution in search of a problem.


What did you expect he’s a commie first then the pope . Old ties come first . You can see what the word of God means to him . He interprets it rather then living it . That’s why the word of God is so corrupt now , no one follows the true word of God . They now twist it to work for them and their corruption .