Watch: Psaki Confronted on Why Biden Can’t Stop Lying

Watch: Psaki Confronted on Why Biden Can't Stop Lying

The Next News Network – Tayler Hansen from The Gateway Pundit reports, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was confronted about Biden spreading lies regarding Georgia’s new voter integrity law on Monday. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pointed out that Joe Biden was given four Pinocchio’s by Washington Post fact-checkers for lying about Georgia’s new voting law.

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Psaki needs to be prosecuted for criminal behavior by spreading lies to the citizens.

My question would be….. Why can’t they ALL stop lying?

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Paul Lamothe

He doesn’t realize he’s lying, half the time he doesn’t know where he is, he is just saying what he is told to say on the teleprompter


He knows he’s lying because he’s done it all his life, and he’s done it his entire career in each office he’s held. It’s what the demonRATs do, and in the democrat mentality, and it’s in Joe’s genes that he has passed on to Hunter and everyone in his family. It’s part of him and his mentality, he cannot stop, but he does know, he’s just more apt to do it now that he’s old he has no fear of being confronted. He gets mad, but there’s no fear…. and that’s the way it is with the old elite, they know that not many will confront them. And, they have too much power over us, so none of them fear being caught in a lie. They have made lying acceptable, they have made lying okay because we accept it without any questions. We allow it and they know it, so any lie they tell us they run with it and make it 10,000 times more lethal. They know that if they say the lie over and over again that we will believe that lie..

These people are insane and Joe is at the front of the line, right along with the rest of the aged elite who have made themselves above and exempt from our laws and the laws of God. These aged elite are training the younger ones on how to lie and cheat and accuse the innocent of the crimes that they commit, and how to get away with it.

They are fundamentally transforming our Christian culture into their communist muslim utopia one world order that obama promised us, and the liberal voters were indoctrinated via free everything, hate for America, hate for God, and hate for anyone who disagrees with them, dividing us so we will destroy ourselves and our country for them.

Larry J Saint-Germain

Peter Doocy of Fox News is what Jim Acosta was to President Trump.