Twitter Users are Not Happy About the George Floyd Statue…

Twitter Users are Not Happy About the George Floyd Statue...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, A new 700-pound bronze statue was unveiled this week in Newark, New Jersey. The new statue honors repeat felon George Floyd who was killed in Minneapolis last year, setting off a series of violent riots that caused over $1 billion damages across the US.

Top Comments:

This is totally wrong!!!! Honoring a criminal. Have you people lost your minds?!!!!

Seriously? Didn’t this man threaten a pregnant woman, with a gun? Yet, historical Americans, who had any connections to things deemed “inappropriate” by citizens in The 21st Century, are being summarily demolished, castigated, and forgotten. The logic in this country, within this era, is barely visible.

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He’s a hero to the demorat liberals.

Robert Richey

This is a disgrace too even Al Capone’s legacy. Capone was known to help out people in need. When you ask a democrat about this they mumble like Rip Van Biden does when he’s trying to speak.


You have to be real here. Even though Floyd was overdosing at the time of his arrest, had dozens of felonies and did just rob an old lady at gunpoint, he still was probably the most upstanding black man they could find to represent today’s blacks.


The citizens of this country are going bonkers. Since when is a criminal honored with a statue in this country?


When one gives in, to all the demands of insane blacks..


When we have a bunch of numskull nimrod fools in charge… Don’t Blame Me. I Voted For the winner… Trump. The audits will reveal the fraud.

Doris Frazier

What a total disgrace !!!! I don’t care if your black, brown, white, Asian, Latino, what ever, if your a dam felon, drug addict, passing off bogus bills you sure in hell don’t deserve a dam statue in your honor.


dont forget he held a gun up to the bellie of a pregnate woman


True Americans won’t stand for it. I’m sure it will promptly be torn down and ripped apart.


Demorats love criminals. they’re family.


It’s only fair that Manson should have a statue. After all, he killed a bunch of white people…right up the dimrats alley.

Dawg Hersey

great place for dogs to empty their bladders also good place to put used gum!


A typical Dem herro… A crook. An abuser. A beater of women. A thief. Liar. And would have been alive if he had not committed a crime.Fourght the police. Did not stay in the police car. A loser. Granted he should not have died in that manner…. He was in charge of his life. Where was his family that are now million aires.. Everyone that Floyed abued.. stole from should sue that setlement to get reinbursement for the crimes Lloyd commited against them.


They taken down all the real hero’s statues and put up a carer criminals statue ??? Good job … dumb ass’s . It wasn’t the best way to help America and the troubles were having right now . The delusional democrats just keep getting stupider and stupider each day . Guess you can’t fix stupid . And god knows their a special kind of stupid