Trump’s Response to Supreme Court Releasing His Taxes…

Trump’s response to Supreme Court releasing his taxes; Six fears of the Founding Fathers now real

Eye Opener with Michael Lewis – Congressman Matt Gaetz revealed in an interview on 21th that, most of the Republicans in the House supports the Establishments, and those who really represent public opinion and support Trump are still a minority. The RINOs often stand together with the Democrats on many issues. Gaetz met with Trump for a few hours the previous day, and said that Trump is very focused and in high spirits, just the same as when he was in his first term as president.

Top Comments:

I urge Americans to take back their country from the RINOS & the left wing.

Criminals and corrupt politicians are scared of President TRUMP.

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AND, I thought this is ILLEGAL….???!!!! So, WHEN are they going to DIG into biden’s Taxes, or the clintons’…????

Robert Richey

Nothing is illegal when you are a democrat. Democrats I talk with have never heard of Biden’s threats to the president of Ukraine or Hunters millions from illegal dealings. I tell them they will never hear anything against the democrats on the mainstream news.