This Guy is a Real Patriot, Taking the Lead

Mark Finchem on Suing Members of the Arizona House and Senate for Defamation

Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP – “We decided to begin the process of suing each and every member [of the House] who was on that list, who signed onto that letter.” Rep. Mark Finchem​ from Arizona about his plan to sue members of the Arizona House and Senate for defamation. CPAC 2021: Rep. Mark Finchem on Suing Members of the Arizona House and Senate for Defamation

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This guy is a real patriot!

We try to uphold our constitution and communist “democrats” scapegoat and blacklist us

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Roscoe Roules

Fincham’s constituents and anyone else who detests his idiocy need to drag him out in the middle of the desert and tie him to a saguaro for a few days.


Why? He was in the Capitol to personally deliver a letter from Arizona Republicans to VP Pence. He was not in the crowd at the Capital building nor was he even near the building during the riot.
Arizona Democrats asked the FBI to investigate him and accused him and three other Republicans saying they “encouraged, facilitated, participated and possibly helped plan this anti-democratic insurrection on Jan 6.”
Apparently you think he should not take a stand against slanderous attacks by those Democrats. You would prefer he remain silent and allow his attackers free rein to vilify him and turn public opinion against him irregardless of the truth.
Classic of today’s Democrats, believe us or else.