The Domocrats Blame Trump for the Border Crisis?

The Domocrats Blame Trump for the Border Crisis?

Newsmax TV – As many lawmakers are calling for better handling of the US-Mexico border ‘crisis,’ prominent leaders in the Democratic party like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and more have branded the problem that the Biden administration has ‘inherited’ from Trump. Trump’s former advisor reacts to these comments

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This does not fall on President Trump, this is completely Biden and his administration!

they blame President Trump for everything. even pelosi’s bad face lifts and biden’s absent mind episodes.

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Suzette briggs

I wish I could blame it on them just being delusional, but that is not the case these people are the most deceitful politicians to ever hold office in Washington. Nothing will stop them from their task at hand which I do believe is to destroy America as we know it. No longer is just to control Washington but it literally but to destroy our Democratic Republic. Shumer, Pelosi, Obama and Biden I believe are all in bed with Soros. That is all that could explain the complete lunacy of what they are doing.