Sky News in Australia Shows Biden to be the Laughingstock of the World…

Sky News in Australia Shows Biden to be the Laughingstock of the World...
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The Next News Network – 100% Fed Up reports, The European trip for Joe Biden has been a complete disaster for anyone who lives in the real world. As reported by Sky News Australia, it has only exposed Biden’s memory issues. Of course, the American press is ignoring Biden’s glaring missteps.

Top Comments:

Biden wasn’t elected he was installed like a toilet.

Seems this is where as Americans need to go to learn the truth.

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Lyin biden

Biden is not only an embarrassment to Americans but an embarrassment to every country that has had positive relationships with America.

You liberals/ democrat have now once and for all proven you are stupid unintelligent fools. You committed voter fraud to get this piece of trash and his trash administration elected.

You have also proved orange man gooood. Biden baaaad

John R.Gordon

The international media is finding out what more than 75 million American voters already know!! Biden/Harris Admin is nothing but a total failure,reflects very badly on this nation!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎

Gerald S Ladd

Blow hole Joe, and his slut are bottom feeders. That’s the nicest thing I can say!