Reactions to Giuliani’s First Interview Since the FBI Raid…

Reaction to Giuliani's First Interview Since the FBI Raid...

Fox News – Tucker Carlson compares Rudy Giuliani raid to Hunter Biden investigation on ‘The Five.’

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Rudy should get multiple copies of Hunter Biden’s laptop and have them stored safely!

I gotta remember this the next time a cop searches me “These aren’t my pants I’m wearing, they’re hunter bidens…anything in the pockets belongs to him”

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It’s the same old socialist, spell that communist, crap. Giuliani worked for President Trump and now the so called democrats are going after him. Tim Scott did the same thing that bunch of commies have been doing for years and now they’re showing their true colors by calling him racist names. If Scott were in my district I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. And those commies just might bite off more than they can chew by messing with Giuliani. And oh yes! I might admit that I’m one of those conservative white “racists.”

Joe Eisen

I am waiting for the TRUE AMERICAN CITIZEN PATRIOTS to rise up and demand that all LAWBREAKERS BE PUNISHED. We are turning into a nation of CRIMINALS!