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President Trump Says Mueller Lied To Congress, Defends Roger Stone


President Trump strongly reproved the dealing with of Roger Stone’s circumstance on Wednesday, accusing Special Advise Robert Mueller of lying to Congress and thanking Lawyer Common William Barr for intervening to reduce the advised sentence for the Republican governmental operative.

“Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress! ” the president tweeted, explaining the Mueller analysis as a “scam.”

It was not clear which element of Mueller’s testimony he was referring to.

The president on Tuesday had indicated his displeasure with information that government prosecutors have been advising a sentence of seven to nine yrs for Stone, the previous Trump strategy strategist who was convicted on seven counts of blockage, see tampering, and creating bogus statements to Congress about Mueller’s Russia research.

Later Tuesday, the Division of Justice top brass overruled the prosecutors by informing Determine Amy Berman Jackson which recommended a much more lenient sentence compared to suggested seven to nine years.

The amended filing reads:

The prior filing submitted by the United States on February 10, 2020.… While it remains the position of the United States that a sentence of incarceration is warranted here, the government respectfully submits that the range of 87 to 108 months presented as the applicable advisory Guidelines range would not be appropriate or serve the interests of justice in this case.

Although DOJ leadership “ultimately defers to the Court” to choose the sentence, the submitting “respectfully submits that a sentence of incarceration less than 87 to 108 months’ imprisonment would be reasonable beneath the circumstances.”

The government asserted that while it would be “technically” possible to fight Stone deserves a powerful sentence for threatening a witness, doing so would go against the mindset of federal guidelines.

A sentence from the duration originally sought-after by prosecutors, the filing read, “typically is applicable in cases regarding violent offenses, including armed robbery, not blockage cases.” It also mentioned that Stone’s “advanced age and health, private circumstances, and absence of illegal history” improve the situation against such a harsh penalty.

Whilst prosecutors maintained that Stone threatened to harm the therapy dog of a buddy and liberal radio host Randy Credico, stating he was “going to adopt that dog away from you,” Credico himself explained he “never by any means felt that Stone himself posed an immediate actual danger in my opinion or my dog.”

“If the legal court had been not to utilize the eight-level improvement for threatening an experience with physical injuries, it might result in the defendant obtaining an advisory Recommendations selection of 37 to 46 several weeks, which as discussed below is much more consistent with the typical sentences imposed in obstruction cases,” the government explained.

A senior DOJ established informed Fox Reports that initial filing that suggested a severe sentence was inconsistent with the way that they had advised superiors they might deal with the case. The “general communication” between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and DOJ senior citizen authorities had been can be expected a much more modest sentence.

The push for any lighter sentence by leading DOJ officers outraged the prosecutors in the Stone situation, most of whom quit in protest. That provided many holdovers through the Mueller crew.

Jonathan Kravis, associate U.S. attorney inside the U.S. Attorney’s Workplace for Washington, D.C., resigned being an associate U.S. attorney in a submitting with Jackson. Aaron Zelinsky submitted a observe that he is resigning being a special prosecutor with all the Washington U.S. attorney’s office and can stay an assistant U.S. lawyer in Baltimore.

Prosecutors Adam Jed and Michael Marando afterward released their withdrawals from the case. Prosecutor John Crabb, who had been included in the team on Tuesday, will stay, providing the prosecution one agent at sentencing on February 20.

“It’s shocking that could be the line inside the beach sand — an amended filing,” a senior DOJ recognized stated, incorporating, “We’re backing off from, ‘It has to be this.’ The amended submitting says it’s a severe crime, and prison time is appropriate we’re just stating it doesn’t need to be 87 to 108 weeks.”

Pursuing the resignations, President Trump had aimed at the prosecutors, accusing them of obtaining “cut and ran after becoming subjected.”

The president also voiced his dissatisfaction with Jackson.

President Trump’s help for Stone has resulted in supposition which he could eventually pardon his ally, which would make the 67-year-old the 18th person to receive a presidential pardon in this administration.


  1. The President is doing great but he needs to allow AG Barr to do his job and he is going to do a wonderful job as long as the President will cool it on twitter about the DOJ So please Mr. President let AG Barr convict these criminals


  2. It is plain for all President Trump supporters that , for some time now, the Deep State fix has been in place. How else to explain the slow-moving, dearth of indictments in the FBI, CIA, NSC, etc. A number of these individuals should have been indicted by now, spending money on lawyers and contemplating life in prison for treason. After all, how long does it take to bring a traitor and coward to court? Pick the pace up, forego the excuses and take immediate action before the message is taken that the rule of law is a myth and then you will have a problem that you don’t have an answer for.

  3. Trump is running the country like a Mafia Don or a Banana Republic dictator ; you do exactly what he says, and have absolute personal loyalty to him. You must lie or commit crimes to protect him (not the country), and take the fall if he is threatened. If you have courage to stand up to him, and do the right and honest thing for our democracy, our country and the rule of law (not necessarily for Trump), he will destroy you. Hitler, Stalin and Mao-Tse-Tung did the same thing, and look how it turned out for them. May God help our country.

    • Wah wah wah. He won in 2016. Pull up your pants and accept it. You lost, he won and as Hussein said: elections have consequences. Difference is Hussein’s we’re bad and Trumps are great. MAGA 2020. Another 4 years. Trump keeps on winning..while the left is imploding.,Trump draws more people in a rally than all the dems combined. .

      • Irish19, Trump rallies are eerily similar to President Hitler’s rallies! I am surprised President Trump’s acolytes haven’t adopted their salute yet! And PS. Trump ‘lost’ the election by more than 2 and a half MILLION votes. The only reason the antiquated electoral college is still in place is because this is only way Republican ‘carpetbaggers’ can win. If any other country in the world held an election like ours, NOBODY would recognize the winner!

  4. Make no mistake, some of his followers want trump as their supreme leader and he eats it up. That’s why some are texting that they want him to run in 2024 if not further. Militias are preparing to fight for this take over.

  5. “HOW” can anybody be convicted of a crime that NEVER took place…..??? NO Russian COLLUSION…..Stone has been PERSECUTED just like all of Trump voters/supporters are being PERSECUTED by so-called “democRAT” GANGSTERS/MOB……..!!!!

  6. No one except Trump and his minions ever said that no crime was committed by Trump. Mr. Mueller said that they could not prosecute the President while he was President. He has said, many times , that many crimes were committed!

  7. Inept, unqualified, ignorant … words fail to adequately describe the disaster that is Donald J Trump. One hopes the Dems can pull their act together to soundly defeat this lying bully in November. Unfortunately, their current disposition leaves me in doubt they can do this. Meanwhile, the Trumper goes merrily along with his minions, telling the fans they’ve never had it so good! Having just read Ron Chernow’s brilliant biography of Alexander Hamilton, the obvious comparison is just that, obvious! I doubt the Trumper has ever read the Constitution, wonder if he even knows where it is located. He surely knows little, if anything, of the founders, each of whom are currently spinning in their respective graves! Sic transit gloria!


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