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Pete Buttigieg Sympathizes With Illegal Immigrants, Says Legal Immigration Not Letting Enough People In The US


Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg expressed his dissatisfaction on Monday about America’s legal immigration program, saying that it isn’t allowing enough immigrants into the United States.

“This county needs more people than its immigration system is willing to allow,” Buttigieg stated. “So, what happens? The people come, but then they are endangered of all of the uncertainties of being undocumented in this country.”

Buttigieg argued that the current legal immigration system was “outdated” as a result of the country failing to pass any serious immigration reform since the 1980s.

The ex-mayor of South Bend explained about immigration while campaigning in Carson City, Nevada. He mentioned that his city of South Bend has already grown in population, thanks to illegal immigration.

“That is almost entirely as a result of immigration … and many of them are undocumented,” he stated.

Buttigieg expressed the struggle of illegal immigrants – sympathizing with living with the uncertainty of getting deported.

“This is not something that is making America stronger right now,” he stated.

Buttigieg called for “real immigration reform” that will give pardon to illegal immigrants.

The former mayor mentioned that if he wins for the presidency, he will immediately change President Trump’s enforcement policies on “day one.”

“On day one, we go to the border, and we start managing the border in a way that matches our values, as well as our laws,” he said. “With humanity and compassion as well as security.”

After Buttigieg finished speaking on immigration, someone in the crowd yelled, “Take down the wall.”

Buttigieg looked back at the crowd and nodded, although it was not sure whether he agreed with the idea.

The Buttigieg campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


  1. So a similar case. Would you think a defense attorney sympathizes with a crime committed by his client? Likewise, Buttigieg sympathizing with poor treatment of border crossers doesn’t mean he advocates or supports illegal immigration. Come on, people. Use your common sense. This is simply a poor attempt to smear a Democratic presidential candidate. Let’s up your game, writers of the campaign and partisans spouting nonsense.

  2. What he means is that we are not importing enough Socialist voters to keep the corrupt Democrat Establishment Elite in power.
    We need to end the Jobs/Welfare magnets so the one who are here will self deport and not want to return.
    The Establishment Elite do not want to pay us fair wages and have been getting rich off the wet backs of foreign invaders.

  3. Well hey, Petey, ya sweetie, let those illegals camp at your house, in your town, I’m sure you’ll treat them real good, feed them, clothe them, pay for their healthcare, Step right up Paco, Lupe, joto Pedro will set you up, You can even meet his husband.

  4. I am an immigrant, a legal one, who did it the lawful way, and illegals who skip the whole process rub me the wrong way. I see many AMERICANS who need help, but he would rather import more mouths to feed.

  5. these immigrants that come, only want to work. I think that when we let immigrants apply for citizenship they should not have to wait 10 years . they don’t take our jobs like some people think, they don’t know computers. they work in the fields to help the farmers and bring down the price on vegetables and labor in construction. their purpose in life is to send money to their families in foreign countries. they pay taxes like we do on our paycheck, but because the are illegal they can not apply for social security, so the money they were charged stays in our country.

    • Yes, they send billions back to their real homes – and you’re happy with that?
      And apparently you haven’t paid any attention to CRIMES they have committed!

  6. These immigrants (illegals) come to be mules for the CARTELS!
    You know, the elephant in the room!
    CARTELS – let me capitalize that and DON’T FORGET HOW BRUTAL THEY ARE.
    They decapitated a woman’s boyfriend in front of her and also took off his arms and legs.
    Then they told her that if she didn’t continue working for them, they would do the same to her.
    This was on a nationally televised National Geographic documentary.

  7. Mayors probably get their federal funding based on the numbers within their jurisdiction.
    NOT on the quality of life within the city’s boundaries.
    They can sleep on the streets, spread HIV/AIDS (which they do in great numbers in cities) and now pass the coronavirus.
    It doesn’t matter to the leaders.
    Just so they get their large pensions and paychecks.

  8. Buttigieg says if elected: ““On day one, we go to the border, and we start managing the border in a way that matches our values, as well as our laws,” he said.”
    Evidently Buttigieg has never read our immigration laws, that require you to come here legally, and be financially capable of supporting yourself.”

    Either come to the U.S. LEGALLY or DON’T COME AT ALL!


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