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NY Times Declares ‘No Pattern Of Sexual Misconduct’ Against Biden


The New York Times was blasted on Sunday after announcing its investigators had found “no pattern of sexual misconduct” against Joe Biden, before proceeding to list a pattern of sexual misconduct.

A week ago, Tara Reade recorded a criminal issue alleging that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 when she worked in his U.S. Senate office. The statute of restrictions on the alleged assault has passed, and Reade mentioned she filed the complaint “for safety reasons only.”

After Reade’s allegation emerged last month, the Times claimed its reporters set about working to corroborate her story.

On Sunday, when publishing its conclusions — that none of Biden’s former staff corroborated Reade’s allegation — the Times reported their investigation did not discover a “pattern of sexual misconduct” in Biden’s history.

“We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable,” the outlet stated.

That line particularly produced backlash due to Biden’s past of questionably touching women, including being “being too handsy with children,” Vox documented.

What was the response?
The Times was excoriated for refusing to acknowledge that Biden’s history of “hugs, kisses, and touching” amounted to sexual misconduct. Many also noted the Times had not extended such latitude to others accused of sexual misconduct, like Brett Kavanaugh.

“Kissing & touching women who do not want to be kissed and touched is, in fact, sexual misconduct,” one person, Molly Conger, claimed.

“Must’ve been a long zoom meeting with the @DNC to iron out the wording of this journalism,” another person reacted.

One person mocked, “‘ we found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, other than all the hugs, kisses, and inappropriate touching that made women uncomfortable’ amazing.”

“Huh. Seems you guys did find a pattern though,” another person pointed out.

“You have crucified and called for the imprisonment of other dudes found to have done the same,” another person noted.

“The Times was unable to corroborate the allegation against Biden, which may remind you of the charges against Brett Kavanaugh. But I don’t recall the Times ever quite saying that about the Kavanaugh case. Oh, and there were no “hugs, kisses, and touching” claims against Kavanaugh,” Brit Hume stated.

“Zero journalistic integrity. This is an elite institution providing cover for their class interests,” another person stated.

The Times appears to have already edited its story, which included the same line as the tweet. The update removed language about inappropriate touching and kissing. The story now declares that the Times has found “no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.”

Biden denies Reade’s allegations.



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