Lightfoot Declares a State of Emergency in Chicago…

Lightfoot Declares a State of Emergency in Chicago...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports, Racist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday declared racism a public health emergency and diverted $10 million in Covid funds to address the problem.

Top Comments:

Sounds like it divered those funds to pay for the lawsuits its own racist policies have launched.

Something is wrong with people who vote her.

She IS the problem, she ISN’T fixing any problems!!!

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David Drezek

What a vile person

Briben biden

yup she is a huge racist and bigot. she defunded the police but demand contracted security for herself. she has destroyed Chicago more then it already was; which is tough to do. she blames everyone outside Illinois for the problems she has created. She must of blamed trump for her failres twenty times.

She is proof that democrat / liberal ideas do not work and either doe democrat / liberal people.

Hank Bradley

Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis all 3rd World Shiz holes run by Damocrats. FACT


She is a State of Emergency! She’s as insane as biteme!


This incompetent witch is a verified state of emergency…

Briben biden

Well I guess this is proof that being a democrat just means yo can not possibly run a city or state or federal government. name one democrat place that is not turning into a schiff hole? Well other then the ones that already have turned into schiff holes.

Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, new York all democrat run all turn to garbage. Seattle is going to be 101 degrees this weekend. on a 60 degree day is smells like pee and poop.

It is going to really reek this weekend. Should be great for the tourist. well I guess they have to learn somehow: democrat cities are not tourist destinations folks.


SHE is the main problem !!! Is she gonna divert money to herself ? She defunded her police and is a racist deluxe. I would be offended to be white, but did not ask God for a particular color when I was born, HE made the decision…….and you make what you will of it. I get along with folks of all colors and religions, puzzles me that many can’t do that..if you give respect…… then get respect most of the time ~!~…will follower this issue and see what the powers that be does with it.


The crisis is diarea of the mouth. She does not know how to stop it.


As long as voters keep voting for her and her Democrat minions they deserve to keep living in a schiff hole.