Joe Biden Calls An Early Lid While Kamala Harris Takes Over…

Joe Biden Calls An Early Lid At The White House While Kamala Harris Takes Over In-Person Meetings

Black Conservative Perspective – President Biden took a snow day Thursday as DC received a half-inch dusting — but Vice President Kamala Harris carried on with scheduled in-person events. Biden postponed a trip to Michigan, where he planned to tour a Pfizer COVID vaccine manufacturing facility, and the White House declared an 8 a.m. “lid” for reporters — meaning there would be no in-person events. The president’s trip to Portage, Michigan, was preemptively canceled Wednesday evening before any precipitation fell in Washington. The early White House “lid” meant a 12:30 p.m. briefing with White House press secretary Jen Psaki was conducted by phone.

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Harris takes over a job she could not get on her own. Harris is not qualified to be in any government role.

That cackling witch as the leader of the “free” world??? DISASTER. Never heard anything but giggles and lies since she got to DC.

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John Decker

If he’s not capable of doing the job, he shouldn’t have the job.


Oh look FEMA is sending fossil fuel (diesel) to Texas what does that say for the green pea soup deal. The supposedly leader of the country takes a snow day and it’s fine with the news media but Ted Cruz takes his family to a vacation spot returns to Texas in the middle of this crisis and it’s not ok. Guess who has heat and running water and who doesn’t.


This is an illegitimate government. They have no mandate to impose their wild eyed far left agenda on the country. There needs to be a do over election this November with in person paper ballot voting with id and facial recognition verification. Hand counting with no computer tabulation machines. Elections held on election day ONLY, at local police precincts for security and fingerprint verification if needed. No mail in ballots. Absentee ballots for dire circumstances only, with a high hurdle to qualify. Absolutely no late “provisional ballots”. Every elected official in the nation must run again, regardless of current term. This will regain the trust of the public in our now corrupt electoral process! Who’s with me? Feel free to send this message to your elected officials!


UncleJoe and Komrade Bernie made a deal – No primary fight (which would expose both of us), I appoint you successor as VP and resign in six months for “health” reasons. Uncle Joe rules by dictat to force the Socialist Agenda he can’t legally get through Congress, down the throats of American in manners difficult to remove.