Full Psycho: Liberal Professor Goes Nuts After Student Praises Police…

Liberal Professor Goes Full Psycho After Student Praises Police...

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– Chrissy Clark from The Daily Wire reports, A professor at Cypress College in Southern California berated a student during a Zoom class for calling the police “heroes.” During a communications class, Braden Ellis gave a presentation about “cancel culture” and why it is “so destructive and tearing our country apart.”

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Liberal college professors believe starting a forest fire is the only way to light a cigarette.

The student is far mature with higher EQ and much respectful communication than the professor.

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Must be a liberal arts prof. Needs to stick to her basket weaving class or pottery teaching.


The old saying years ago was ” Next time you need help, call a hippie”


This skank ain’t get banged enough – she needs it more, she needs hard & she needs it from behind & in her mouth.


Another Marxist posing as a university professor and ranting their political hate. She like so many other’s hiding out in our colleges to teach anti-American propaganda should be treasonous.