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Former President Barack Obama Tries to Steal Credit For Booming Trump Economy


Former President Barack Obama on Monday said he was, in fact, responsible for the flourishing economy under President Donald Trump.

“Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history,” Obama wrote on Twitter, posting an image of his $787 billion prompt spending package.

Obama’s message on Twitter was not only a sentimental reminisce on his presidency, because he specified that his spending plan was accountable for “more than a decade” of development, even with his only being president for eight yrs.

Although Obama’s nearly trillion-dollar stimulus may have helped the economy overcome a serious economic depression, economic growth had slumped to 1.6 percent by the time he left office. President Donald Trump’s tax reductions and regulatory cuts proved to be rocket fuel for the American economy now savoring record-high stock markets profits, income increases, historic unemployment rates, and an expansion that is right now the longest on record.

Obama famously mentioned after he left the White House that he would refrain from criticizing Trump, yet he retracted that promise after hitting the campaign trail in 2018 to boost Democrats.

“When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. Remember who started it,” Obama stated in a speech in Nevada in 2018. “Remember who started it! Come on!”


  1. I guess he forgot to give credit to his VP at the time? The guy who served with him for eight years. Oh, I forgot he is not endorsing him know. It must be he alone is the reason for people having jobs!

  2. My only Prayer for today is that PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP will make a statement to obama that


  3. Boy oh boy This piece of illegal dog droppings just cant seem to shut up
    The only thing this scumbag ever did was bring AMERICA down and tried everyway possible to financially and militarily to destroy the people involved in every day life of being honest U S citizens. This THING needs to be flown over to Kenya and kickd out of a C-130 at about 30 thousand feet without a parachute!! Maybe he would be ok if he landed either on his head or his MALE?wanna be female wives huge elephant ass. He needs to just go away and never show his goofy mug ever again

    • Gary, if you had half a brain and an inkling of how to use it you would know that it is Trump that is claiming credit for the economy that Obama was instumental in getting moving and then rolling and which now continues to improve……inspite of Numb Nuts with the Agent Orange hairdo . As regards your disgusting comment about “This Thing” it would make the world a far better place if it were Numb Nuts that was pushed out of Air Force One as it flew over Mara Lago along with his wife, you know, that former call girl and Muslim who barely speaks English and has done less for our country than any first lady in our history. By the way, do you ever wonder what became of those photo’s of her draped nude over a Steinway Piano with her fake tits hanging out …..they disappeared off the internet within an hour after they were posted? Her fake tits though are not even close to the rediculous size of the ones her step-daughter Ivanka had implanted while she was having all that cosmetic surgery that made he so “hot” that her Numb Nuts father claimed he “woud date if she wasn’t his daughter” ( note: what her sexual deviate father actually ment was “Boink”……not “date”.
      Think about this Gary old boy while you are bad mouthing and slandering President Obama and his wonderful wife. Anyone that supports this low life who, with the help of Mitch (no chin)McConnell, Bill (bulldog head ) Barr and 99% of the traitors disguised as Senators failed utterly in their duty and sworn oath to hear all the evidence – without bias or prejudice – in Numb Nuts impeachement trial.

  4. Obama must be fantasizing or dreaming wishing he was responsible for America’s economic uplift. The truth is that he is responsible for the horrendous situation he left the US in when he left office. It was Trump who fixed the turmoil Obama left. Obama deserves to be convicted for his traitorous actions. He is nothing but an embarrassment to the US.

  5. I’m pretty sure Obama is responsible for this booming economy. As soon as he got his but out of the White House the economy started turning around. And has been getting better and better. So I’m pretty sure he caused it by getting out.

  6. If I remember right he and Pelosi were telling the people who were losing their jobs, that they should see that as an opportunity to take a vacation from working and stay home and enjoy themselves. Get on welfare and food stamps and let others pay for them.


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