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Delta CEO Says Passenger Should Ask Permission First Before Reclining Seat


The actual argument on whether to recline or not to recline is taking the internet by storm after a video clip went viral of a guy punching the backside of a woman’s reclined airline seat.

The CEO of Delta Airlines Ed Bastian expressed his opinion and said that he believes the woman in the video recording is in the wrong.

Bastian said Friday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that he thinks passengers should request consent before they recline their seats.

Initially, Bastian said that customers have the right to recline but followed up by saying the proper action to ask permission before leaning your chair back.

“I think if someone knows there’s a tall person behind them and they want to recline their seat, I think the polite thing would be to make certain that it’s okay,” he said.

He also said he personally never reclines his seat and mentioned he would not say anything in case the person in front of him reclined their seat.

The viral video of the man repeatedly hitting the seat in front of him occurred on an American Airlines flight.

A woman tweeted she was on a trip from New Orleans to Charlotte on Jan. 31 when a guy, who seemed to be sitting in the last row and could not recline his own seat, requested her to put her seat back up while he ate off his tray table.

She mentioned she obliged and then reclined again when he was done, that led to him striking her seat.


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