Cuomo Makes His Resignation Decision After 5th Woman Steps Forward

Cuomo Makes His Resignation Decision After 5th Woman Steps Forward

The Next News Network – Emily Zanotti from The Daily Wire reports, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the media, Sunday, that he will not resign from his position amid allegations that he sexually harassed five women and called critics demanding he step down “anti-democratic” and at odds with the voters of New York.

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He should resign over his nursing home mandates. He acting like he is not responsible for his own actions.

Narcissists rarely think they ever do anything wrong, and are the worst kind of representative.

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Jackie White

Drag him out in handcuffs.

Michael Morgan

He is a disgusting pig, but he is just like ALL the other Democrats and some Republicans that have been in power too long. He should step down but he won’t, he is a pig.

Mark Spencer

Sounds like shades of Slick Willy’s “I never had sex with that woman!” which later on became, “It depends on what your definition of sex is.” He calls those who are calling for his resignation as un-democratic (yes, there’s a lot of people who are (un-democrats) and against the will of New York people. So what is he going to say when those same New York people start telling him to get lost and go home and vote him out of office? Will he still refuse to leave? People like him never know when they’ve worn out their welcome and refuse to realize the people just don’t want him anymore to be their governor.

Janet Bernasconi

Not worried at all. He will be gone soon. All corruption is going down the drain each day thanks to Q, Trump and most of all God who is making this possible. The best is yet to come!


Remember when he made the comment and said God didn’t do it I did
Pay back?

Last edited 2 months ago by david

It is quite unnerving to watch his assault against women take precedence over his responsibility for hundreds of nursing home residents’Covid deaths in public outrage. He is responsible for BOTH God help us


take him in hand cuffs fly his butt to gitmo and leave him there don’t forget his brother who covers for him both sick bastards


Cuomo is a narcissist. He thinks he is immune from being a decent human being. He thinks he can treat women however he desires. They are there to “serve” his every need! What a farce, what a hypocrite! These accusations are extremely important but let’s not forget he sent thousands of people in nursing homes to slaughter!! He needs to be held accountable for both.