Creepy: Watch Biden Bolt Toward a Pair of Young Girls in Oklahoma…

Creepy: Watch Biden Bolt Toward a Pair of Young Girls in Oklahoma...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered a speech on the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Biden delayed his speech and beelined to two young girls sitting in the audience.

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He’s definitely got a problem controlling himself around little girls. Its pretty disturbing. President Perv is right.

When you lose your mind you forget things and then the real person will show.

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Wonder when he’ll move on the bitch.


Are you sure Biden was not a pal with Epstein?


Beijing Joey O’biden and Slick Willy Billy Clinton were both Pals with Epstein. That’s how they got where they are.

MargaretAnn Rice

Yes he is a pervert and a creep

Sandra B

Biden and the other operatives ARE satanists and pedos. This is the truth that will be released to the public who don’t know or want to know the truth.


Biden is a life long sexual pervert. He smells girls and ladies hair, touches then inappropriately and denies ever doing it. This Biden should be on the sexual predators list.


WELL , It happened ! They gave Beijing Joey the time a little time to prepare for his PERVERT Decent on Little Girls and
Women in Oklahoma. This is just Disgusting as it gets. They need to start the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS on both Beijing
Joey and Knee Pads Harris.

Grumpy Veteran

Some patriotic dad needs to knock that stupid sob OUT!

Gideon Rockwell

The Old Perv’s dementia has lowered all of his inhibitions and he can no longer control his perverted compulsions. How long before he goes full bore perv in public????