Breaking: Pence Breaks His Silence on Relationship with Trump…

Breaking: Pence Breaks His Silence on Relationship with Trump...
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The Next News Network
– Alex Nitzberg from Just the News reports, Former Vice President Mike Pence said during a Thursday speech in New Hampshire that he has talked with former President Trump “many times” in the wake of their departure from office.

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Doesn’t matter, he sold out to the swamp. His political career is ruined!

No Mike, you’ll never be able to get Trump’s and Conservatives trust again.

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Always had a high regard for Pence but that little white spot on chicken shit is still chicken shit.


Pence figures Trump is finished now. He knows Trump did not incite any riot/attack. BUT Pence is doing a big CYA in hopes his career isn’t ruined. He’s down to self only. It won’t work. Conservatives, Trump supporters will have doubt and not have trust for him now.

Isabel Steele

Unfortunately Mike Pence and Trump did not agree or disagreed with President Donald Trump. I think that if Mike Pence reconciled with Donald Trump even if it was part way, they may have come up with a successful solution. Unfortunately neither Mike Pence nor Donald Trump were on the same philosophy or track.


It should have been Newt!!


Pence was the driver of this administration, anyone with half a brain and two eyes open knows it. Pence is a real conservative with conservative values! Not that fake Rino…


Pence is riding on trumps leader ship you never even heard of pence be fore trump came along he was in congress but never heard of him doing anything