Ben Carson Warns This Could ‘Destroy Us as a Nation’

Ben Carson Warns This Could 'Destroy Us as a Nation'

Fox News – Former HUD secretary questions what officials are thinking keeping kids out of school on ‘Fox

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How Ben Carson is shows how strong he is. He has my utmost respect

She knows she’s lying but she doesn’t care, she must think all people are like her, sad woman

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No they didn’t have a stockpile BUT.. most of the Vaccines are only good for a short period of time under extreme have to stay at a very very cold temp until used but a short shelf life. Also the companies making these vaccines are working at max output…All this Government do is LIE LIE LIE!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Helga Renfro

Biden is betraying us and our country. Biden needs to in prison.

Stacy Dougherty

And so does Hunter Biden. The Biden Mob family needs to go Straight to Jail or Hell. Don’t ya worry it will be one or the other!