AOC’s Political Stunt Backfires, She’s Picking Up the Pieces…

AOC's Political Stunt Backfires, She's Picking Up the Pieces...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Landon Mion from Townhall reports, A GoFundMe launched for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) grandmother by conservative commentator Matt Walsh, which has garnered more than $100,000 has been paused due to the congresswoman’s abuela refusing to accept the funds.

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The conditions in PR after the hurricane still better than the socialists paradises of Cuba and Venezuela

Just proves the point that haters poison themselves with their own hatred.

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What a worthless,incompetent,whining,politician, she needs to be thrown out of office, for good.

Nancy J

Yes, and take the rest of the Squat Squad with her. They are all useless.