US Olympic Team Plans to Alter the American Flag Logo…

US Olympic Team Plans to Alter the American Flag Logo...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – United States Olympic Team seeks to change the logo for the 2024 Olympics hosted by France, Newsmax All-Star panel on the ‘anti-American stance’ from the Olympic committee and more

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I have a crazy idea. How about, in representation of America at the Olympics, we use the ACTUAL American Flag.

This would be a crime in many countries. The flag is a static symbol, and should not be allowed to be amended when representing our country.

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WHAAAT!? Alter the American FLAG???? NO! NOT! NEVER! Give any team member who is in favor a choice of going home or a ticket to the country who has a flag for which they would be proud to compete!!! You cannot CHANGE the Flag – if you try you do not have an American Flag, you have some meaningless banner!